Everyone does 50/50 raffles, candy sales, car washes, pasta dinners, and pancake breakfasts. Why not set yourself apart and use the power of professional wrestling to help raise funds for your cause?  Our SLAMRAISER event offers a turn-key approach for your fundraiser. We have a wealth of fundraising expertise and will work with you and your group every step of the way. Our support staff is fluent in every aspect of the fundraising effort and will do everything possible to insure the event’s success. The profit for your group is unlimited!

You will have the opportunity to host an exciting live event that features the action-packed, body slamming professional wrestling excitement that is seen on television by millions each and every week. You'll also have the opportunity to help your group through a fun project that allows everyone and their families to be involved. An event like this brings the community together for a fun and exciting evening and raises money for your group at the same time!

Our events are suitable for EVERY member of your community. We strive to present an “Old School 80's Style Wrestling” show in regard to the standards that the performers must adhere to. There is no cursing or blood- we are rated PG! It's just good ole' fashion professional wrestling where the good guy battles the bad guy in a fun-family-friendly way to raise money for your group. Just like you may remember from back in the 80's during the Hulk Hogan craze! It's something the entire family can come out to, regardless of age- and leave with smiles on their faces.

We can customize an event to any budget, including no up-front cost to your organization. We are partners with you and the show will only be successful for us if it's successful for you. For further information on how you can set-up your SLAMRAISER! fundraiser event with us, please Email us or call us at (201) 757-7686.